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ChK-28 Chronograph

@thepocketwatchman Today, I would like to discuss what could be cataloged as the first hand-held chronograph manufactured in the Soviet Union after WWII, the renown Chk-28. Unfortunately, there is limited information about our protagonist, but we shall certainly try to review what is known about its history. The Chk-28 was… Leer más »ChK-28 Chronograph


The Military Kirovskie Type-1 K-43

@thepocketwatchman Fans of Soviet watches always encounter descriptions such as ¨Soviet military watch¨ or ¨Russian army wristwatch¨ in sales ads, articles on the topic, etc. Unfortunately, I believe that in 99% of cases these statements are false, or at the very least misleading. When collecting such pieces, it is essential… Leer más »The Military Kirovskie Type-1 K-43


Slava Rattrapante: An Image That Shocked Me!

@thepocketwatchman A little while back, whilst watching a video about the life of Yuri Gagarin, I saw an image that literally made me shiver, and which I share with you below. It shows the three watches that Soyuz flight commander Vladimir Komarov used during his failed and tragic space mission.… Leer más »Slava Rattrapante: An Image That Shocked Me!


The АЧХ0 Soviet Chronoflite

@thepocketwatchman I have always been fascinated by air navigation chronographs. For decades, these high precision instruments helped pilots determine their position and flight path, in real planes and under real flight conditions. In this post we will be examining a piece of equipment which enabled the pilots to determine the… Leer más »The АЧХ0 Soviet Chronoflite


The First Chistopol Wristwatch. The Seed Of The Vostok Factory.

@thepocketwatchman As the title of this post indicates, I would like to introduce the first wristwatch from the Chistopol factory produced in a case with fixed lugs and a logo on the dial. In case you did not know it, the Chistopol factory was the seed of the much-loved Vostok… Leer más »The First Chistopol Wristwatch. The Seed Of The Vostok Factory.