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The Military Kirovskie Type-1 K-43

@thepocketwatchman Fans of Soviet watches always encounter descriptions such as ¨Soviet military watch¨ or ¨Russian army wristwatch¨ in sales ads, articles on the topic, etc. Unfortunately, I believe that in 99% of cases these statements are false, or at the very least misleading. When collecting such pieces, it is essential… Leer más »The Military Kirovskie Type-1 K-43


Sportivnie: What A Wonderful Era

@thepocketwatchman The 1960s saw a global cultural change, once the end of the Second World War began to fade in people’s memories. Cities were rebuilt and people felt like enjoying life again. In the Soviet Union, believe it or not, the mood was the same. Many of us, when picturing… Leer más »Sportivnie: What A Wonderful Era


Slava Rattrapante: An Image That Shocked Me!

@thepocketwatchman A little while back, whilst watching a video about the life of Yuri Gagarin, I saw an image that literally made me shiver, and which I share with you below. It shows the three watches that Soyuz flight commander Vladimir Komarov used during his failed and tragic space mission.… Leer más »Slava Rattrapante: An Image That Shocked Me!


Pre-Soviet Watch Era: Pavel Buhre.

@thepocketwatchman Hi comrades. Today, I shall feature what I consider to be a very special watch indeed. It is not a Soviet-era watch, rather a worthy representative of White Russia (if you have read Tolstoy, you will know what I mean). Normally, Russian watch enthusiasts tend to pay attention to… Leer más »Pre-Soviet Watch Era: Pavel Buhre.