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Traser, are you sure? I hear you say. And I hear you; they aren’t really one of the types of brands that we usually cover here, and that’s not say that they are in anyway sub-par but because I would consider them airing a little too heavily on the no-nonsense side of watchmaking.

Traser Swiss H3 Watches, are the watch brand of MB-Microtec, a Swiss company well known for its manufacture of Tritium gas tubes, used to illuminate watch hands and numerals. Not unlike contemporary, Luminox (who btw MB-Microtec supply with Tritium Tubes), the Swiss brand are well known their Trigalight® illuminated watches.

However unlike Luminox who boast collaborative collections with the US Navy SEALs, Bear Grylls and Scott Cassell among others and has garnered itself a relatively strong brand image as a quality entry-level Swiss luxury sports-watchmaker, while Traser has never managed to attract anyway near the level of desirability.

Today Traser have released what I would consider to be their first proper (professional) diver’s watch, the new P67 SuperSub, a dive watch with a pretty decent level of specification by all accounts, but I fear whose styling is a good decade out of step.

Basic spec. includes a 46mm in diameter Stainless steel case with 500 meters of water-resistance.

This is fitted unidirectional rotational diver’s bezel with a ceramic inlay, an AR-treated Sapphire crystal and a screw-down case-back and crown. There seems to be a manual HEV at 10 o’clock, too.

The case-back features a polished deep sea anglerfish motif. While I truly appreciate the sentiment (who doesn’t want a deep sea critter on the back of their watch), the deep sea anglerfish, lives at depths of over 3,000 feet (914 meters), so perhaps this was a bit of an optimistic choice for a 500m diver.

Powering the P67 SuperSub is Swiss Quartz caliber. Its dial is with Trigalight & Trigalight-hairlight illumination while the seal around the Sapphire glass is also made from luminous material creating a unique halo-effect around the dial – pretty cool!

There are some 12x dial, lume, strap / bracelet and packaging options to choose from for the P67 SuperSub. It has a Swiss MSRP from approx. 585 – 750 CHF (model dependent).

Thoughts? The watch has a pretty good spec. so should serve well. It has a bad ass lume situation going on and I’m still a fan of the case-back critter but otherwise the design is lacking in imagination.

I’d take a Luminox over one of these any day of the week. But, hey still an interesting find for August. What do you think?


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