Timex takes pride in its T80 Rainbow watch


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“Choose Hope. Choose Strength. Choose Pride,” Timex encourages at the launch of its T80 Rainbow watch.

The rainbow is the symbol of Pride, a month long celebration of LGBT life that aims to advocate and educate for an inclusive and equal future without discrimination.

Timex is a little late with its T80, although Pride Month in June was so disrupted by Covid that many events are still taking place.

The watchmaker is also not specifically calling it a Pride watch, having already created a watch with Todd Snyder for Pride Month in June.



“Rainbows are the ultimate symbol of positivity and evoke feelings of hope, love, optimism, pride and peace,” the company says.  “We’re celebrating rainbows and all that they symbolize when the world needs it most with a special release of our retro styled T80 watch featuring a rainbow printed right on the digital display.”

The stainless steel retro watch has a date display, stopwatch, and alarm functions.

It goes on sales today on Timex.com for $65.

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