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The new Hermès de la lune watch offers a unique vision of Earth’s satellite with the simultaneous display of moon phases in both northern and southern hemispheres. Two mobile counters gravitate on a lapis lazuli dial, revealing mother-of-pearl moons in step with an exclusive module, coupled with a Manufacture Hermès movement.

Hermès Arceau L’heure

Framed by a rose gold case, the mechanics adopt a light, barely-there role. Lapis lazuli inlaid with mother-of-pearl form a cosmos in which satellite dials float above hemispherical moons.

The case measures 43 mm in diameter, and 22 mm at the lugs.

The double moon here eclipses a traditional aperture-type display, instead covering the entire surface of the dial.

The Arceau case with its asymmetrical lugs, designed by Henri d’Origny in 1978, becomes a lunar crater made of stone, while the lacquered dials, gravitating like satellites, display Arabic numerals with a sloping font.

The horse, representing the origins of Hermès, gallops elegantly into the world of dreams. At 12 o’clock, the moon is adorned by a Pegasus created by the “dreamerdesigner” Dimitri Rybaltchenko. Entitled Pleine Lune (Full Moon), this portrayal of the winged horse hints at a passage between two worlds, where magic and reality merge. On the other side, at 6 o’clock, the view of the moon from the northern hemisphere provides a realistic depiction of its surface.

The mobile counters displaying the time and date turn weightlessly to reveal the moon discs, while maintaining their horizontal orientation.

The movement

This contemporary dance is choreographed by a module exclusively developed for Hermès and for which a patent has been filed.

With a total thickness of just 4.2mm, its 117 polished and bead-blasted components are incorporated within the Manufacture Hermès H1837 movement: a technical challenge designed to preserve the slenderness of the overall mobile chassis, which sweeps around the dial in 59 days.

Concluding thoughts

The watch is a nice addition to any collection. Notably, its unique satellite display inverting time and date over the moonphase is of particular interest to many seasoned watch collectors. Considering the display, most of the watch is designed with a fairly large case at 43 mm, but the short lugs design makes for a comfortable fit on average sized wrists. We especially like the contrasting colors, textures and materials from the dial, the crater and the moons. The watch is priced at S$48,100.


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