The Naked Watchmaker Has Questions For RGM’s Roland Murphy (Video)


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The Naked Watchmaker has questions for Roland Murphy. And he gets answers!

Murphy is a red-blooded watchmaker, which always becomes apparent when I talk to him. And in this well-shot video for Peter Speake-Marin’s website, it comes out in full force. Asked, for example, what he likes least about the business he’s in, he reveals he is less of a businessman and more of a creator.

Roland Murphy of RGM interviewed by The Naked Watchmaker

For me one of the the most interesting questions was what Murphy thought was his toughest time. While I might have expected him to talk about the world’s situation right now, he discussed his beginnings, citing the extreme difficulty of being a small independent, especially in the United States, at that time. He couldn’t get his watches into jewelry shops as he was basically unknown. When he switched his business model to selling direct, his situation improved greatly.

If you want to know more about Murphy’s personal life, check out The Naked Watchmaker’s “12 questions” page where the topics range from childhood memories to driving ambitions and what he is most proud of. I enjoyed these answers as well.

To see the combined eight minutes of The Naked Watchmaker video with Roland Murphy, check out the following:

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

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