The Giorgio Fedon 1919 Skywalker is so weird it just might work


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Hanging out on Massdrop I spotted something that is just weird enough – and cheap enough – to be worth a second look. It’s called the Giorgio Fedon 1919 Skywalker and it costs $179 for a 24-jewel SII Japan NH39 movement inside a case that owes allegiance to the Panerai brigade.

The watch, which comes in multiple colors, features a standard face with open balance wheel and an odd little 24-hour dial at about 10 o’clock. There is no date window but it has a crown lock that looks pretty cool.

I like fun, inexpensive pieces that take into consideration good taste and workmanship. These things are fascinating to me and might make a good addition to your beater box. But “Skywalker?” What’s up with that?

Anyway, check it out here.



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