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Anthony (@defining_time) and Rob (@Geneva_Blue) team up for the first time to interview Swiss Watch Industry pioneer CEO of H Moser & Cie Edouard Meylan. We take a different road for this conversation and talk about being so innovative and “controversial” in the industry, do they always feel the pressure to continue pushing the boundaries with every new release and how to keep things positive when being asked very similar questions in different ways on podcasts and YouTube interviews. We then chat a bit about trust and the Pioneer Tour and what has been the result of removing “Swiss Made” from their dials. We hope this is a different interview to you are used. 

We cannot thank Ed enough for always making himself available to speak with and for being so open, honest and transparent. A true gentlemen and modern day pioneer. Thank you Ed. 

We hope you enjoy this episode just as much as we did.  

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