Scottish Watches Podcast #172 : Weekly Watch Roundup


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Scottish Watches Podcast #172 : Weekly Watch Roundup

It is Ballon time and all about making your hair stand on end, and then adapting this tech to the watch world.

Rikki needs some advice and I have a copy of Hodinkee Vol 6 on the way.

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

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Watchfinder have been at it again, this time another non Richemont owned company, Bremont

check out our Bremont episode here:

Then this from Ferdinand Berthoud the Chronometre FB 2RE

Then Rikki gets distracted…by this

and this…

[embedded content]

and we eventually get to the point.

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We talk about this for Fortis.

Then Monta have something new, but is it fair to compare it to Christopher Ward? and what do we think of brands renaming movements with their own numbering system?

Rikki recommends this as being a channel worth a watch.

[embedded content]

and then thanks to Timex and Dundee

Enjoy the show

Got into the horological hobby only a couple of short years ago; but got, as us Scots like to say, “baw deep” pretty quickly. Thanks to buying a lemon of a Rolex he spent hours researching why his watch wasn’t working and along the way gained an interest in what makes them tick. He now runs the Scottish Watches website and keeps cohort Rick in check on the twice weekly Scottish Watches podcast.


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