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How, you might ask? Sure, they’re supporters of the Grammys, but this isn’t about music. No, you see, Bulova is embracing the Mad Men pitch of ““It’s Not a Timepiece. It’s a Conversation Piece” and launching a brand-new podcast, The Accutron Show.

Who do they have hosting the show? Glad you asked. They’ve got Entertainment Reporter Bill McCuddy, Journalist David Graver (Cool Hunting, New York Times, Vogue), and Editor Scott Alexander (GQ, Playboy) on deck to keep the show on the rails. Along with that crew, it looks like they’ve got guests lined up. The first three episodes (at least that I see out there) have the likes of Reginald Brack, Sam Phillips, and Mike Bulmash on deck.

If you’re looking for something new to check out, the Accutron Show could be a nice change of pace. I’ve not listened to it yet, but there are 3 30-minute episodes out there, and I’ve put them in my queue to check out. You can of course find them in Apple podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher, and new episodes are planned to be released weekly. accutronwatch.com


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