Our Commitment to Value: The Hanhart 417 & Belstaff Trialmaster USD 2,300 Bundle


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I wanted to take a moment to discuss a topic that is very important to us at Revolution and The Rake. And that topic is value. We recognize that at this moment this is one of the most relevant and important topics. Because while we still want to offer you the type of limited edition watches and curated garments that make you dream, we also want to ensure that these objects represent the very best value propositions, meaning that they should significantly over deliver in terms of quality, performance and style relative to their price.

The truth is that we have been focused on this for some time, and that our brand partners, as well, have been critical to our ability to bring you this commitment to value. For example, when we launched our Zenith x Revolution Chronomaster Revival Ref. A3818, in a 100-piece limited edition, with its famous ladder style bracelet we wanted to make sure that the price was in alignment with the regular production A386 on the same bracelet.

Zenith agreed with us that we should both reduce our margins to accomplish this. The same thing is true for our latest watch release the Hanhart x The Rake & Revolution Limited Edition Bronze 417 Chronograph, in 150 pieces, which we’ve created as a tribute to the original Hanhart 417 chronographs made in brass from 1956-1958.


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