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To hear Carl F. Bucherer talk about it, this watches designed for the “cosmopolitan man” who enjoys “being open-minded and exuding the confidence and style to succeed, wherever [he is.]”

Instead, let’s focus on how nice this watch is. Bucherer is a smaller manufacture with a lot of good pieces and this one, in particular, has a great look and a flyback chrono – basically, a chronograph that pops back and restarts at the press of a button – is a nice complication.

From the release:

Both of the new models from this iconic watch family feature the color blue – the color of the horizon. A 43 mm diameter stainless steel case frames the exquisite blue dial, which features a chronograph counter, small seconds subdial, date display, and central hour and minute hands. This stylish new model is available on a flexible nine-link metal bracelet or a blue textile strap woven from radiant blue thread with a luster that creates a fascinating 3-D effect.

Further, also please ignore Bucherer’s motto of “Wherever time takes you, Lucerne travels with you.” It doesn’t make much sense in an era when you can’t get on a plane but feel free to pick one of these up so you can sit one your couch and stare longingly at the cosmopolitan skies.


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