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Greetings watch nerds! It’s been a quiet week, and our gang has covered most of the more interesting tidbits of news on the podcasts and the Scottish Watches Livestream. So let’s dig right in and see what we missed out.


In what looks like another cash grab by our friends on the other side of the pond Bulova has released a trio of watches for the 80th anniversary of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Of the three I sort of like the 500 piece L.E. rectangular P.V.D gold piece, which has a champagne dial decorated with geometrical shapes that recall elements of F.L.W.’s Art Deco architecture. The back is pretty interesting too in that it is engraved with the architect’s design mantra. Even more interesting is that Bulova’s press photo of the back shows that a screw is missing from the top left corner. A cost saving measure no doubt. Price is 475 USD for the limited editions; 425 and 275 for the other two.

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Watches of Switzerland

Thursday, In an surprising turn of events, stocks of the watch retailing giant shot up 24% on the news that “COVID Quarter” revenues were above expectations. Sales dropped on average 28%, with a remarkable difference between the UK (-30%) and the US (-20%). This shows how UK business is more affected by the lack of tourism. Sales were bolstered by orders for Rolex (which make up half of WOS revenue). Since Rolex does not allow its AD’s to ship watches, all orders were collected once restrictions on non-essential businesses were eased. The stock gave back some gains on Friday, but it is slowly getting closer to its pre-pandemic levels.


Casio released three new “Heavy Duty” G-Shocks in the GA900 Collection. Anyway…..


This week marks the birth of  the Seamaster Diver 300M “James Bond Numbered Edition”. The watch is basically a platinum alloy cased version of the earlier “On her Majesty’s Secret Service” edition with an deep black enamel dial, white gold markers and hands, and a ceramic bezel with silver arabics in positive relief. A plaque on the side will be engraved with the piece’s limited edition number. The price for all this James Bondy goodness? 51.9k USD! Mind you they do throw in an extra rubber strap!

That’s all folks!

The name’s Luigi but his friends call him Gigi. Italian lifelong watch enthusiast, born in southern Italy, but grew up in London, with an English (dare we say Scottish) dry sense of humor. Started the hobby in early childhood with a Timex Mickey Mouse watch, and has been going through the ages with all manner of timepieces (quartz, digital, Swatches etc. etc.)

Has been living in Milan since 1981 and works as a financial controller in a bank. Loves films and often uses obscure quotes. Only took “the red pill” in June 2019 and shot all the way down the watch collector’s rabbit hole at supersonic speed spending most of his disposable income in useless things you strap around your left wrist. Is a big fan of Tudor and currently owns 4 of their watches.

Is considering selling a kidney or mortgaging the family home to fund the purchase of a Ressence Type 5 oil filled diver’s watch.

Is an avid amateur photographer and has recently taken to watch photography and watch review videos on YouTube.

Instagram: @timetotalk_watches, YouTube:  Time to talk watches


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