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Ok, this watch is a bit of a fun. In around 2017 I became aware of a new watch brand doing a launch on Kickstarter (not something I usually care about). Klokers KLOK-08 – a Swiss made watch from a French company. What caught my eye here, was the unusual dial layout – which was modeled on the old-school slide rulers some of us may have seen (or even used).

The time is told via 2 rotating rings (hours & minutes and seconds), with the 12 o’clock position marked with a vertical line to read the time. The inside of the mineral crystal has an internal cyclops-type device to slightly magnify the numbers and allow the wearer to read the time. Although the minute track is marked with 60 lines for each minute, I find it easier to read the time in 15 minute intervals (i.e. the minutes are between 15 and 30 and closer to 30, so it must be sometime around 20 or 25). If I need to know the minutes with more precision – I can peer closer and figure it out (or just wear a different piece).

The Klokers watch is interesting in a few ways – for once, the strap attachment system clips (or should I say “klips”) via a sliding “tongue-and-groove” kind of attachment to the strap. Pressing the red-tipped button at 8 o’clock position allows the watch to disconnect. Whilst this is a little annoying because it forces you to buy proprietary straps, I actually find it rather charming, because Klokers now offer a range of accessories to wear the watch with, including a nifty pocket watch arrangement or a desk clock. The case is 39mm wide and 10mm high (but don’t be fooled by the numbers here). It is very light and wearable. It’s powered by a Quartz movement (not my usual point of interest) – but this piece is genuinely a bit of fun on the wrist. And like they say – sometimes you’ve just gotta let it slide 🙂

The Review


  • Unique dial design
  • Suprisingly legible
  • Great conversation starter


  • Quartz (yeah yeah – I know)
  • Requires proprietary straps
  • Harder to read the time to the nearest minute

Review Breakdown

  • Quality 0%
  • Style 0%
  • Value 0%
  • Wearabilty 0%

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