Just Because: In Other News, Your Wristwatch May Harbor A Flourishing Microbial Ecosystem


De Hodinkee.

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If you have gotten this far, you are probably wondering why I bring this up. Well, kind reader, it turns out that if you wear a watch on a regular basis, it too is not immune from the reality that the human epidermis is a veritable microbial metropolis. While it’s not as richly colonized as the colon, estimates are that there are some 1,000,000,000,000 or so microbes (lots of them in the navel, which is waggishly described as a “moist microbiome” by one study) on your skin and mine, representing perhaps a thousand species and 19 phyla (those numbers used to be lower but have been oonched up in recent years by new methods of RNA analysis). In the course of settling into a slightly slow watch news cycle (August by tradition in Switzerland is the so-called “watchmaker’s holiday”), I have discovered that periodically folks get curious about whether or not a watch, which is in contact with the skin on a daily basis and typically does not join the owner in their daily ablutions, might play host to its own population of invisible creepy-crawlies. It seems it would, indeed must, be the case.


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