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On September 3, 2020 Oster Jewelers published the latest episode of its very cool Keeping Time podcast featuring our very own nerdwriter, Joshua Munchow!

Joshua Munchow On Oster Jewelers Keeping Time Podcast

Joshua and Oster Jewelers owner Jeremy Oster explore a wide range of subjects in this appealing conversation, ranging from the history and development of hairsprings to trends in watchmaking today.

They discuss Joshua’s background, how he came to write for Quill & Pad, and how Joshua approaches the topics he writes about with such depth, detail, and often playfulness.

The podcast meanders a bit (in a good way) and is thoroughly engaging – as is pretty much everything Joshua does. And if you want to know which watch Joshua really can’t stand, it’s in this episode.

And while you’re there, listen to a few other episodes as well. They’re really all good.

Listen at or wherever you get your podcasts.

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