Introducing: The Ulysse Nardin Blast


De Hodinkee.

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I say this because today, ahead of the Geneva Watch Days event, we have a new watch from Ulysse Nardin, and considering its large size, use of unusual materials, and unorthodox construction, it struck me as one that Schnyder would have liked. Available in four different variations, the Blast is a 45mm openworked automatic tourbillon with three days of power reserve. In each of the four versions, the movements are framed with a rectangular upper bridge as well as by a bi-color double “X” and, if you flip the watches over, you see the X and the rectangle repeated. As you’d expect from Ulysse Nardin, the escape wheel, the anchor, and the balance spring are all made from silicium, which benefits both tribology and resistance to magnetic fields.


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