Introducing: The Remy Cools Tourbillon Souscription


De Hodinkee.

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The changes between the school watch and Tourbillon Souscription are substantial. Cools explained: “Everything has changed between my school watch and the Tourbillon Souscription, no component is identical between the two watches. Everything has been completely redesigned and improved. The movement, the case, crowns on the back of the watch, the crystal, the pin buckle, and the size of the watch all have been modified. This was done while keeping the same DNA and design of my so recognizable school watch. Also, from the point of view of the finishing, the two watches are not comparable. For my school watch, I was in school, and I did the finishing with my experience at the time. On the Tourbillon Souscription, I was able to gain more experience, and I was able to take the time to achieve the quality finishing I wanted. When I now look at my school watch, I see the evolution and the experience that I have been able to gain between these two watches, and I find that very important. I am constantly working to evolve in everything I do so that I am never in my comfort zone.”


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