Introducing: The Accutron Spaceview 2020 And Accutron DNA (Live Pics & Pricing)


De Hodinkee.

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I wrote about nostalgia, not too long ago, in the context of monopusher chronographs, and while the drive technology in the Accutrons is new, they are also a surprisingly poignant exercise in nostalgia as well. My father had an Accutron watch, which he bought around 1970, and it was fascinating to me, at the time, to put it to my ear and hear that distinctive 360Hz hum. The new Accutrons are silent acoustically, but they speak in their own way to a very particular and very special time in horology, when the future seemed a place of unlimited potential, and not just the Earth, but the sky and even other worlds were the limit when it came to travel. These watches evoke that world for me as well, and also a world in which travel is an essential and indispensable part of human education and experience. That may sound like a lot of freight for a watch to bear, but I can’t look at these guys without remembering the last time – many months ago – that I was able to visit Tokyo and wander through the neon riot of Shinjuku, deeply grateful to be there. If watches are most valuable for the connections they make between our present, the past, the future, and the world around us, I think there’s a lot to be said for all the dots connected by the new Accutron watches.


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