HODINKEE Radio: Episode 104: Curator And Art Critic Dexter Wimberly


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If you’re a longtime listener or reader, you probably already know that, outside of watches, one of my greatest passions is art. I love looking at art, reading about art, and making art. So you can imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a reference to HODINKEE Radio while perusing an article on Artnet a few weeks ago. It turns out that curator, critic, and founder of Art World Conference Dexter Wimberly is a longtime member of the HODINKEE community and a loyal listener. I knew immediately that we had to get him on the pod. 

It turns out, this was a great idea. Dexter and I see eye to eye on a ton of things, and I love the way he thinks about watches (and objects of all kinds) as tiny storytellers. We spend a ton of time talking about that, the way that Dexter ended up a watch guy in the first place, and how he’s been indulging his love of watches during the last few months, but we also talk about his transition from the advertising world to the art world, why he’s chosen to spend his career focused on helping emerging artists, and what value art can bring to our lives right now. After just an hour of talking, I can safely say I’m a big Dexter Wimberly fan. I think you all will be too. 

Before that, though, we’ve got a ton of new watch news to analyze. The watch drops just aren’t stopping, and it’s clear that 2020 is anything but a slow year for the watch industry. Cole and Danny join me to talk through a number of new releases they covered over the last few weeks, including some heavy-hitters from Lange and AP, a new take on a familiar IWC, and a fun limited edition from Oris


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