Hautlence HL Sphere 02

05/01/2021 3:37 pm
Hautlence HL Sphere 02

Hautlence HL Sphere 02 The Hautlence HL Sphere 02 is the latest creation from the independent Swiss brand known for making watches with highly innovative time indications. In this instance, the hours are shown using a blue sphere and the minutes are conveyed with a retrograde hand.  Based in La Chaux-de-Fonds within the canton of Neuchâtel, Hautlence has always had a knack of imparting time with a notable sense of theatre. The brand’s first model, the HL ti 01 broke convention, eschewing the customary co-axial hour and minute hands. Instead, the model, still a member of the brand’s collection, conveys time using jumping hour and retrograde minute indications. Moreover, a small seconds display employs a revolving disc to impart meaning. The watch is housed in a titanium case that resembles a television screen and the dial encompasses a honeycomb motif. While Hautlence is a modestly sized, independent brand, it has repeatedly punched above its weight, creating ingenious watches few large brands would imagine, let alone make. Indeed, since its foundation in 2004, Hautlence has released several timepieces which have wholeheartedly embraced blue-sky thinking. In 2012, MELB Holding, the parent company of esteemed Manufacture, H. Moser & Cie, acquired Hautlence, providing the independent brand with additional resources. Recently, the Swiss marque unveiled the Hautlence HL Sphere 02. Once again, the case emulates the appearance of a TV screen, today a signature of the brand. Powered by a hand-wound movement, the HTL 501-1, this latest watch once again displays minutes using a […]

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