Hands-On: The Chanel J12 Paradoxe


De Hodinkee.

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As you can see, the J12 Paradoxe features a bicolor look, combining white and black. The remarkable thing here is that, although the clean-cut borderline may suggest the two-tone color scheme is just a paint job, the watch is actually constructed with two colored ceramic case components.

The production process of the case is truly unique. Two single-colored complete cases are cut, then combined to make the final case. You’d think they could get away with making two different pre-shaped case components in white and black to assemble, but ceramic shrinks with heat (and the material hardens as it shrinks), so that’s a no-go. I believe this was the reason why the “make two cases, then cut and combine” method was chosen, but you’d have to cut them without losing the material on the cutting plane by using an extremely thin blade in order to create the final case with fixed dimensions. And we are talking about super hard ceramic here, so I think you can easily imagine how difficult it can be to execute the cutting procedure without damaging the material.


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