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So, the best (or worst!) kept secret is out. After what I’m sure has felt like a lifetime for my fellow watchfam (which in reality has been months and months) to endure me going on and on about it, I was last weekend finally able to fulfil that dream. That dream of walking into the AD and picking it up: the Grand Seiko ‘Snowflake’. Now, I do appreciate that I have gone on and on about it in articles, chats about next purchases, my top 3 and all that, but a part of me genuinely never thought that I’d ever actually own it. So alas you’ll have to humour me a little longer. It is everything I thought and more. If you haven’t had a chance to hold one of these and appreciate the textured dial, the polish of the hands, the caseback, the sweep of the seconds hands (I’m gonna stop now…) then absolutely do yourselves a favour and go check one out.

Although interestingly, I have to admit that this purchase was rather different to that of my Speedmaster, and I’ll tell you why I think that is. I think part of the reason is that even though I went in looking at purchasing the Speedmaster Professional, I immediately fell in love with the CK2998 (which as you know, is a limited piece). So, for me, if I did not purchase this relatively quickly, then it would be quickly snapped up and worn on someone else’s wrist as opposed to the Professional which in reality I could acquire at any time without much hassle. So there was almost this sense of urgency to acquire this quickly, hence i wouldn’t be happy until i did. The Snowflake is different in the sense that although this was a watch I desperately wanted and was hoping I was going to purchase next, as i mentioned above part of me had accepted the fact that i may not ever get it, hence the lack of urgency so much as to say “if i get it, i get it; if i don’t, i don’t”. Or so I reckon anyway.

So, now comes to the actual point of the article. Now that I have the Snowflake, I’m actually a little scared of it! Scared of winding it in case i break it; scared of changing the time in case i ruin the movement, do not even get me started as to what ill be like if i scratch the dial or bracelet! Now I’m well aware of how irrational and dumbfounded this notion is and I can only take Omair laughing at me so much, so it seems I’m going to have to ‘man up’ a little in this case and actually start enjoying the watch that I’ve worked hard for. There’d be no point buying a watch for it only to grace a watch box or roll for fear of ‘wearing it’: I know that’s silly and you know that’s silly. Now surely no one else feels this way, or has felt this way, although if one has, I am definitely interested in hearing about it. So, as always, answers on a postcard…

I may be a bit biased kicking off this week’s top pics but I’m totally loving how @knights.watch captured the Snowflake’s dial, hands, power reserve, just everything here.

We know Tudor has gotten a bit of attention in the horological world recently and @pinoyamateurhorologist is no different, capturing the Black Bay in all its essence all the while reminding us to stay safe out there.

Listen to the Scottish Watches Podcast here

We had to squint but eventually we saw @timely_moments cleverly camouflaged Sangin. Nice work man!

We rarely get a first timer get into top pics however @theboneywrist capture of his Steinhart Ocean is just so good that it’s almost like he’s been posting for ever! Amazing shot buddy!

Now we were hoping it was a kilt that @yankthemike was wearing in his BB38 capture, but even though it wasn’t (next time hopefully) it was a quite lovely pocket shot.

Again with the Tudor theme, although this time @pips_watches engages us with a trip down to the pub, almost inviting us to blow the froth of a couple of cold ones. Sweet shot man!

Our old friend @thecasualwrist is at it again, this time with a lovely shade comparison shot with his Bulova. That orange is divine!

@tick_tock_007 rounds us off this week with a stunning Seiko shot. Not normally this biggest fan of a green dial, but this could totally change my mind. Wonderful shot bro!

And, just like that, our time is at an end. The world is still recovering, so everyone please continue to be vigilant and stay safe out there.

Until next time, yours in horology…



Vintage Watch lover and serial timepiece flipper who Fled the Brexit ridden shores of the UK in summer 2018 for the ultimate land of horology, Switzerland. Spends far too much time debating Modern Grand Seiko over Rolex and likely to be found trawling Chrono24, VRF and in his really low moments, eBay.

You can find Nick on Instagram @nicks_swiss_watch


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