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What makes us want? In simpler times it was indeed simpler. Back in the sixties the madmen (and women) discovered the power of advertising. Giant billboards were erected with iconic imagery promising you a happier existence, a healthier lifestyle or just a better you. All you have to do is buy the thing they are selling. Rolex, in particular were masters, heck if that Submariner can handle the rough stuff 660 feet under the surface than it can handle you doing the dishes and anything else you decide to throw at it.

Around the same time, the same people realised, if you stick these products on famous people and characters then the buying public will gobble them up. Even after all these decades we still know what Bond wore in Dr. No, or Sheen in Apocalypse Now, their legend and popularity only growing with time. The original brand ambassadors were not actors or characters, but adventurers and pioneers of human endeavour, such as Sir Hilary Edmund scaling Everest. It didn’t matter which watch he had on his wrist all that mattered was which brand could make the most of the opportunity, and there is one that does it better than any other.

Brand ambassadors have become a cornerstone for creating desire in potential buyers. Watch brands are known to blow considerable fortunes in placing their products on the ‘right’ wrist in order open up certain markets; heck from some brands it’s what they are known for. For better or worse, if we see a famous person wearing something, we want a slice of the cake. Whilst having the likes of Beckham et al model a watch will have a sizeable effect on the general public, the hardened watch enthusiast might not be so amenable, in fact the opposite might be true.

With the advent, proliferation and utility of the internet, a new way of communication and idea sharing came into being. Hobbyists, geeks and enthusiasts could clump together and gain targeted exposure. Once social media became a fixture brands would literally show themselves off in the palm of your hands, in some ways it is surprising how slow they were to see this.

When thinking of creating perhaps the best modern illustration can be found on our favourite social media platform; Instagram. Its combination of openness and personalisation (in terms of what you see) lends this most visual of internet tools to repeatedly hit us with consistent and impactful imagery. For example, a new watch comes out, you see that a number of blogs have posted about it, several influential accounts do the same, you then decide to search for the same watch using the hashtag, should you wish to hit the follow button toy stream will become more heavily weighted to that item. Over the days/ weeks you will be exposed to the same item in different images time and time again, it will start to look familiar, maybe even pleasing to you and before you know it you have the want.

This has occurred to me (probably many’s a time, but) most recently with the newly release Seiko SPB14X series. Whilst great looking watches the 62mas reinterpretations were not something on my radar. However, as I have seen more and more on my timeline, I have felt my opinions begin to change. This is especially so when those within the watch media actually purchase it for themselves. Sure, I will believe your words, but I will believe your actions even more.

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As said the established watch brands were slow to pick up on this, but now very much are maximising the use of such platforms. Very recently I seen that three prominent YouTube channels all release reviews of the Tudor Pelagos within a short period. Maybe this stood out because it is certainly not a new watch (released on 2015). As a result, the people were taking about the Pelagos again. I myself had a look at it to see if there was something that I had missed. I did wonder if this was something the brand had intentionally done to drum up interest, if not, they should have as it worked a treat.

All things considered, why we want a certain product comes down to a combination of multiple factors and psychology. It is very easy to think we really want something, often when that is the case the best course of action is to step back and think why do I want it, is it for my own approval or that of others.

One thing that meets always meets the approval of all is the Halfwatch Tuesday top picks:

Now one day we might do a collab, if that was to happen this would be great inspiration from @watchtimeitis

Who doesn’t love a moody wrist shot? Here’s one from the master @watchmystage. It doesn’t get much more iconic and an IWC pilot.

@Hands.faces.cases is a regular on top picks and is it any wonder?

@mack.jamie comes speeding into top picks with this racey number

Great composition does not mean you need a ton of props. This is just stunning from @andrewthomashill. His shots have been immense recently.

Speaking of great composition, the black onyx dial piercing through neutral tones totally did it for us. Great work @rolex_kinman

Dreaming of the beach, so is our pal @katlen.life.watches. Congratulations on hitting 10k followers.

If you don’t want to see beach look away now as @visitorwatchco, treats us to a great shot of the Dunshore on splendid white sand.

Finally for this week, we leave you with this great shot of two ‘DressKX’ from @wrist.ed

Shout out

A shout out this week to @reisewatches. We are loving this design, the titanium case and those colourways. Currently on kickstarter for a nice price. Check them out.

That’s all for now folks. Stay safe and see you next Tuesday.



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