Garrick S4 – behind the scenes

11/01/2021 2:02 pm
Garrick S4 – behind the scenes

Garrick S4 – a pre-launch look behind the scenes The Garrick S4 will be released in the coming weeks. Billed as the firm’s ‘entry-level’ watch, the S4 promises an affordable taste of high-end British watchmaking. Made in one of the best-equipped workshops in the UK, the watch is endowed with a high-quotient of in-house expertise. In this article, David Brailsford openly discusses the decision-making process behind the watch and the dilemmas he faces before the final specification is decided upon and the model is launched. Image – Garrick S4 Walk along London’s Savile Row and you will note several attractively appointed retailers vying with one another, keen to entice affluent consumers to their premises. These retailers are havens of excellence where the price is inconsequential. Each bespoke tailor has its own style. For example, Huntsman favour a rope shoulder, high armhole and nipped waist, whereas Anderson & Sheppard is famous for its ‘dress soft’ look. Whichever tailor has been selected, once the threshold has been crossed and the decision to buy has been made, the preliminary consultation ensues and numerous measurements are taken. Thereafter, patterns are made, the expensive fabric is marked with chalk, cutting takes place and timed-served artisans sew each part together. The client will return once or twice for adjustments as staff skilfully refine the fit, a millimetre here and millimetre there. If the client’s left shoulder is slightly higher, or the right arm is longer or the upper back is slightly rounded, the bespoke tailor will […]

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