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The world of G-Shock collecting is one of the most robust and interesting segments of the watch landscape. There’s a ton of variation in styles, tech, and price, allowing watch lovers and the G-curious to dip a toe in the water for less than $100, while serious collectors acquire super rare references that trade for thousands. And it’s not just rarity, or brand partnerships, that drive value. G-Shock has embraced high tech manufacturing processes and full metal case construction, offering watches that are priced more extravagantly than the entry level Gs of the past, but possess interesting style cues and dynamic designs that feel unique to the brand. Their latest full metal offering continues down that path, with a titanium case and laser camo design. Let’s take a look. 

The GMWB5000TCF-2 is a square cased, titanium G-Shock cast in titanium, and with a full titanium bracelet. It’s DLC coated and has a blue camo pattern that’s been laser printed. We’ve seen this before from G-Shock, most notably here and here. It’s hard to capture the depth and visual interest of the laser treatment in photos, but in person it’s fairly dramatic, and gives the case an almost organic feel. It’s an interesting way to treat metal that’s wholly different from, for example, gold plating, or the use of a DLC or similar coating on its own. This reference further differentiates itself from previous full metal G-Shocks with laser printed patterns by being made from titanium, which should offer a very different wearing experience to a steel G-Shock.

In terms of tech, the GMWB5000TCF-2 is outfitted with the best of what G-Shock currently has on offer. It features atomic timekeeping and Bluetooth connectivity, and is powered by a solar cell. Of course, it also features the full gamut of multi-function features G-Shock is known for, including multiple alarms, a stopwatch, and full calendar. It’s a big watch, measuring  49.3 x 43.2 x 13mm, but with the titanium construction it’s bound to feel lighter on the wrist than its stainless steel siblings. 

The GMWB5000TCF-2 will be available in September, with a retail price of $1,700.  G-Shock

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