Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Dress Watches From The 2020 New Releases


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In these narrow, traditional terms, may I present for your consideration what I think is an extremely nice, eminently non-ostentatious, and surprisingly affordable dress watch, new for this year, that you have probably forgotten about since it launched in January. That watch is the Zenith Elite Moonphase, and it is just about the prettiest honest-to-betsy, not-insanely-expensive dress watch you could ask for (for which you could ask?). It’s a great size, at 40.50mm x 9.35mm; it has a lovely dial and a beautifully executed moon-phase complication just to keep things from being too clean and classical for their own good; it has that nifty running seconds at 9:00. The latter betrays the movement, which is an in-house (which everyone also seems to forget) Elite caliber 195, 3.97mm thick, with a crown-settable moon-phase and a 50-hour power reserve. In steel: $6,800 smackeroos, and if you can find a nicer in-house caliber moon-phase at that price, I’ll eat it – without ketchup (no, not really, but you know, still).


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