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Introducing the new Calypso Denise Date from Gothenburg, Sweden-based, E.C. Anderson; a quirky yet ultimately charming Scandinavian diver.

Despite the new Denise Date being more functionally complex than its predecessors, its design is said to be even more harmonious than they were.

Although its design is largely utilitarian with: a large calendar display, power-reserve indictor, compass and time with – hours, mins and secs; it was designed so as not to be too eye boggling.

Despite all of that, it does appear to have a remarkably balanced design. Certainly quirky with features such as its square (sometimes triangular) indexes and (you know what I’m gonna’ say)

that big f#ck off date wheel which is reminiscent of the Wheel of Fortune’s wheel, but ultimately cool, calm and collected.

Said incorporated calendar function is a first for a Denise watch; I think it’s safe to say it’s a first on any diver’s watch.

The calendar-eye is slightly recessed into the dial to create a feeling of depth while the matte finish inside contrasts against the otherwise lacquered black dial.

The skeletonized hands are an eclectic bunch displaying hours is a large arrow-head, minutes and seconds pointer with an elongated diamond design and a dwarf sword for the power-res.

In order to maximize legibility, the hands have been bead-blasted, so they should be more or less reflection free.

The lume on the tips of the hands has been generously applied to ensure visibility well into the night, in fact it is said to be 5x longer lasting than those of previous Denise models.

The power-reserve’s + and – indications are also in red. The indicator itself has been seamlessly incorporated with the center stem and is subtly viewed around the calendar with a red pointer.

In order to not be mistaken by the hour-hand, the pointer has been colored red with a polished frame.

The watch’s scratch-proof ceramic bezel is dual purpose thanks to a set of cardinal points serving as compass or dive-timer.

The watch comes on either a solid bead-blasted bracelet with screw attached links or Italian rubber strap, both with a completely new micro-adjustable diver’s clasps.

The 200 meter water-resistance Calypso Denise Date is powered by what EC Anderson call a precision certified automatic movement. COSC? Follow the link embedded, below for more info.

Thoughts? Very nice indeed, I like something a bit different but I also like something with a bit of substance to it; this appears to have both – but who tf is Denise when she’s home???



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