Auction Report: Three Breguet Watches From The David Salomons Collection In The Mayer Museum Of Islamic Art Will Come Up At Sotheby's


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Seeing the Salomons collection is probably the single greatest horological pilgrimage I’ve never made, and I wish I had made it before this year just to see it all together, because three remarkable pieces from the collection will be offered at auction by the Museum, through Sotheby’s, on October 26, as part of two sales featuring a variety of objects from the Museum including watches, art, and other objets de vertu. The Museum is not publicly funded (Vera Salomons established its endowment from her own personal wealth), and the Chairman of the Museum’s board of directors, Herbert Winter, remarked, “The decision to let go of certain pieces in our collection is one that has unfolded over the course of several years, through thoughtful discussion with all of our key stakeholders, namely our board, our director, and our curators. Together, we have been careful to select for sale works which, for the most part, are either duplicated in the collection or were held in storage. Their sale will not only secure the future of the museum, but will allow us to maintain and display our wonderful collection in an appropriate manner, and – importantly – it will allow us to expand on the educational community projects which align so closely both with our founding mission and with our future vision.”


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