A Week On The Wrist: The Seiko Prospex SPB143


De Hodinkee.

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Perhaps more than any other brand, the road through one’s Seiko experience can often make one feel like a value-obsessed horological Goldilocks. For many of us, the first bowl of porridge comes early in our development of watch enthusiasm, with a Seiko 5, or maybe an SKX007, or if you’re like me, an SKX779 “Black Monster” (seen glowing below). And, while Goldilocks needed only contend with a trio of possibly perfect sustenance, from that first spoonful of Seiko steel, you’re introduced to a table with hundreds of options. Big, small, bold, subtle, modern, new, old, old-looking, JDM, limited editions, titanium, steel, kinetic, solar, and more. 


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