Exclusive: Habring2 Foudroyante-Felix 38.5 mm: Lightning Fast, Dead Accurate, And Now Perfect For Smaller Wrists

Fans of Habring2 may remember the launch of Felix in 2014, a watch powered by Austria’s first in-house movement, Caliber A11, created to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the independent Austrian brand. With a name like Felix – Latin for “happy” – this watch can only have come from the most cheerful watchmakers I know: Maria and Richard Habring. Caliber A11 was the first watch movement developed, assembled, and predominately produced in Austria. It became the base movement for Habring2 going forward, now having spawned nine iterations. The A in the…

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The Musée Atelier Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet took the watchmaking world by storm with its famous Gerald Genta-designed Royal Oak in 1972. Over the last decade — still bolstered largely by that single model — the Le Brassus manufacture has flourished even further, to the point that they’ve outgrown their Swiss production and repair facility, museum, and headquarters. When you think about the fact that Audemars Piguet now does well over a billion dollars in sales annually, and has waiting lists on their most popular wristwatch models, the need for more space is not so…

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Watches, Stories & Gear: Life on Venus, The Mandalorian S2 Trailer, and a new Z

“Watches, Stories, and Gear” is a roundup of our favorite content, watch or otherwise, from around the internet. Here, we support other creators, explore interesting content that inspires us, and put a spotlight on causes we believe in. Oh, and any gear we happen to be digging on this week. We love gear. Share your […]
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Chronoswiss Opus Chronograph 2020

Share this: Chronoswiss Opus Chronograph 2020 The Chronoswiss Opus Chronograph 2020 shares much in common with a former version of the watch, first released in 1995. This year, the Swiss marque has revisited the model, releasing a classically styled version with a traditional silver-toned dial. However, consistent with several of the brand’s recent limited-editions, the Chronoswiss Opus Chronograph 2020 is also available in a bold configuration, encompassing blue and orange hues. Throughout his career, Pablo Picasso’s life was defined by different periods, including pre 1901, the blue period, the rose…

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Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Kingsman Knife: hands-on review

Jaeger-LeCoultre and MR PORTER have launched the Master Ultra Thin Kingsman Knife watch, a limited edition of 100 timepieces, specially adapted for The King’s Man, the upcoming Kingsman origins film directed by Matthew Vaughn. Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Kingsman Knife Jaeger-LeCoultre draws upon its historic mastery of ultra thin calibres to develop a new timepiece directly inspired by the 1907 ‘Couteau’ (couteau is French for knife) pocket watch. The King’s Man, scheduled to be released in September 2020 is now delayed till later this year. The movie’s wardrobe department had…

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Comparing the New Submariner Date with the Seamaster 300M

Choosing between a Rolex or an Omega is a question nearly as old as time itself. With all the hype surrounding the new Submariner Date, we ponder whether the stalwart Seamaster 300M is actually the better deal. No matter the aspirational product, two fierce rivals typically exist within the space. Cars, clothes, cameras, and most certainly watches are great examples. When it comes to dive watches, there are loads of options out there from loads of brands. But when it comes down to choosing a daily watch that can do…

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The Waiting Game – 90 Day Essay Continues

Why do we call it the waiting room?

This was me, wearing two face masks, sitting in the waiting room for a doctor’s appointment. To my favorite “hater” out there, sorry to tell you – I got a clean bill of health ; )
I was not really “waiting”.  I had brought a good book to reread –

If you have a chance, I highly recommend giving Mr. Epstein’s Range a read. It actually points out something that most of the watch brands (and frankly, watch media) could benefit from -Generalists tend to triumph over specialists. With about a ZILLION outlets claiming that they focus on exclusive, haute, etc., it makes attracting and keeping those all important advertisers and (let’s be honest) well-heeled patrons more and more difficult.  
But back to the waiting room. Ask yourself a question – how many times have you longed for extra time to read a book, write a letter, chat with a friend or family member, or write your game changing business manifesto?  Curious to relate? You can do all of those things while “waiting” for your next appointment!
So rather than grinding your teeth and burning the valuable lining of your stomach with excess acid, embrace the gift of extra time that you’ve been given!

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Weekend Round-Up: Made In Portugal, Electric Bikes, And The Venusian Atmosphere

Chemistry is a funny thing, and so is the search for extraterrestrial life. They are, in fact, two great things that go great together. The likeliest scenario for the detection of life on other worlds is the detection of chemical biosignatures – the presence of chemicals, or fluctuations in levels of chemicals, or both, which have no explanation other than the metabolic processes of alien life. The problem is that various chemicals can be produced by a range of processes, some of which are metabolic pathways in living organisms, but some of which are not, and telling which is which is far from easy (Mars, for instance, has seasonal fluctuations in the amount of methane in its atmosphere, but there’s no certain proof whatsoever, at this point, that microbial life is the reason). Recently, however, researchers have found evidence of a chemical compound called phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus. Venus is one of the most inhospitable of planets – surface temperature hot enough to melt lead; surface atmospheric pressure 90 times that on earth’s surface, and it rains sulphuric acid (the Venusian atmosphere is almost pure carbon dioxide, and its greenhouse effects have turned Venus into the hell-world it is today). But things are more moderate in the upper levels of the clouds which permanently shroud the Venusian atmosphere, and it’s possible – just possible – that there, life has found a foothold, with phosphine as its signature. Phosphine is produced almost exclusively on Earth by anaerobic microbes. If there is life floating above the bleak surface of Venus, definite proof is years away, but the presence of phosphine may be a first glimpse of its existence.
– Jack Forster, Editor-in-Chief

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Hublot Celebrates Its 40th Birthday With The Super-Limited New Classic Fusion XL

Before the high-profile collaborations with celebrities, tattoo artists, and sports megastars; before the colorful, on-trend shock drops; and most definitely long before this crazy jewel-encrusted thing, the subversion we’ve now come to expect from Hublot was a whole lot simpler: a rubber strap, paired with a precious metal case. That’s it. Cast against a backdrop of current industry trends around casual luxury (to wit: Rolex jumping the shark with its newest gold Sky-Dweller on an Oysterflex rubber strap), as well as Hublot’s own releases from the last 24 months, the…

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The Naval Aviation UTC

From MAT Watches – 

Courtesy of MAT Watches
MAT is a bit of an unknown, and certainly under appreciated quantity here in North America.  MAT stands for Mer – Air – Terre, if my extremely limited French can be counted on – Sea – Air – Land.

Based in Paris, MAT’s focus is on nimble production allowing the flexibility to move quickly on ideas.

The Naval Aviation UTC comes with 2 additional straps –

Courtesy of MAT

A blue canvas strap (above), and a black rubber strap (below)

Courtesy of MAT
The price is fair, not ridiculously (and falsely) low – $2,496.00 incl. VAT. (2080 tax excl.)Here are the pertinents –

Delivered with 3 interchangeable straps: 1 fawn vegetal tanning leather strap, 1 navy blue canvas and 1 black rubber band.

Caliber: ETA 2893-2 – Swiss MadeFrequency: 28800/hRuby: 21rPower reserve: 42hWinding: Automatic, H+M+S+Date+UTC24h

Waterproofness: 200 metresMaterial: Stainless steel 316LDial: black with hands and markers in Super Luminova BGW9Glass: Antireflective sapphire crystal, 3.8mm of thicknessCaseback: Stainless steel 316LCrown: Screw inDiameter: 44mmThickness: 15.5mm

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